Still R70-60, R70-70, R70-80 Diesel Forklift Truck Service Repair Manual

Complete Service Repair Manual for Still R70-60, R70-70, R70-80 Diesel Forklift Truck.

This manual contains high quality images, specs and Schematics, actual real photo illustrations, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, diagnostic, maintenance, troubleshoot, and repair your Still R70-60, R70-70, R70-80 Diesel Forklift Truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text, bookmarks, crosslinks for easy navigation.

Truck Types:
7090, 7091, 7092

00. Product information
Symbols Used
Safety instructions
Safety instructions
Securing the fork carriage
Jacking up the truck
11. Electric motor
Traction motor
General technical data
Traction drive
Traction motor
Insulation testing of traction motor
Removing and installing the traction motor
Dismantling and assembling the traction motor
Speed sensor
Tacho generator
Temperature sensor
Temperature switches in the traction motors and alternator
Carbon brushes
Monitoringthe carbon brushes
Changing the carbon brushes
General technical data
Testing the alternator insulation
Removing and installing the alternator
Dismantling and reassembling the generator
Forced ventilation
Forced ventilation structure and function
Working on the forced ventilation system
12. Internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Removing and installing the engine unit
Diesel engine
General technical data
Engine number
Electronic Engine Management EMR
V-ribbed belt
Setting the valve clearance
Three-phase alternator
Exhaust turbocharger
Engine brake
Changing the cylinder head seal
Front crankshaft sealing ring
Flywheel-side crankshaft sealing ring
Renewing the oil sump seal
13. Internal combustion engine – attachment parts
Air intake
Intake air routing
Air filter
Cooling system
Cooling circuit
Coolant pump
Coolant temperature sensor
Fan impeller
Removing and installing the radiator
Fuel system
Fuel pump
22. Mechanical drive axle
Mechanical drive axle
General technical data
Drive wheel unit
Wheel gear GR80- 05
Exchanging the shaft seal
34. Driver’s compartment
Hood covering insulation
Bonnet catch
42. Steering system
Hydraulic steering
General technical data
Steering unit
Priority valve
Steering axle
General technical data
Swing axle
Removing and installing the swing axle
Dismantling and reassembling the wheel hub
Steering angle
Removing and installing the tie rod
Dismantling and reassembling the axle stub
46 Wheels and tyres
Complete wheel
Wheels and tyres
49. Brake system
Hydraulic service brake
Service brake
Changing the brake lining
Parking brake
Changing the brake lining
Parking brake switch
50. Driver’s controls
Traction and brake operation
Accelerator single-pedal
Brake sensor
Double pedal
Accelerator- double-pedal
Key switch
56. Display elements
Console – Operation
Programming mode
Password level 0
Password level 1
Password level 2
60. Electrics / Electronics
General technical data
Component overview
Electrical system
Fuse holder
Contactor stand operating principle
Contactor stand arrangement
Warning system
Alarm horn
Battery and accessories
Starter battery
Other components
Relay plate
64. Electronic controllers
Traction and operating hydraulics control
A4 control unit
Pin assignments for control unit A4
Changing the control unit
70. Hydraulics
General technical data
Tilting operating speeds
Lowering operating speeds
Safety check forward tilt
Safety check lowering
Safety checks of hose assembly
Hydraulic circuit diagram
Hydraulic circuit
Basic hydraulics
Hydraulic pump
Pump regulator
Removing and installing the variable displacement pump
Hydraulic tank
Hydraulic oil
Retarder valve
Conical nipple fittings (CNF)
71. Working hydraulics
Tilt cylinder
Changing the seal kit
76. Valves
Directional control valve
Directional control valve block – activation
Directional control valve block – structure
Distance sensor
Counter-balance valve
Lowering brake valve
Lowering brake valve
81. Lift mast
Lift mast
General technical data
Telescopic mast
Triplex mast
Removing and installing the lift mast
Load chains
Lift chains
Adjusting the load chains
Line breakage protection
Hose safety valve of triplex mast
Shock valve installation positions
Lift cylinders
Lift cylinders
Rollers /support rollers
Support roller clearance
84. Load support
Fork carriage
Removing and installing the fork carriage

and a Lot More…


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